Birmingham Paediatric Cardiac Workshop

Thursday 15th May 2014 at IET Birmingham: Austin Court

Ethics, Aortopathies, Arrhythmias and Catheter Interventions.

In honour of Dr. Joseph DeGiovanni

There has been much progress in the last 30 years with the management of complex congenital heart malformations. Maybe it is time now to review the work that we are doing in light of the outcomes and problems sometimes created. Hence, we are having a session on the ethics of our practice.

Problems with the aorta arise early in life and extend through to the older patients, both including congenital and acquired heart disease. We are fortunate in having distinguished speakers to provide an insight into the underlying pathology, detection of aortopathies and their management.

The afternoon meeting will be in honour of Dr Joseph De Giovanni relating to his work in the arrhythmia and catheter interventional field. We have an outstanding international faculty, as well as local speakers, and I am sure that not only will the lectures provide historical and present management of conditions, but also some insight as to what might be possible in the future.

Mr. W. J. Brawn
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
Birmingham Children’s Hospital